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“The most considerate gift is that which affords the recipient to buy whatever they want or need”….. Daniel Allan.

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Why people want GYFTmoni...

Allows all gifts to be streamlined towards a bigger gift that would normally be out of reach.

Everyone has different tastes and unfortunately billions of gifts each year end up in landfill sites. Gift Waste is unsustainable. Giving money as a gift means that the recipient is guaranteed to get what they want or need….less waste… better for the planet.

Giving money as a gift guarantees that the recipient gets what they want or need.

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Greener Gifting, Less Waste!

Saving the Planet.

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Why people want to give money as a gift?

Saves time... Stress-free gifting.

To avoid hearing, "I love it... what is it?"
... make sure that the recipient gets what they want... Happiness Guaranteed!

GYFTmoni Templates


Hi Everyone, I don't expect a gift from any of you, but to those of you who are going to get me a gift anyway, may I please ask for GYFTmoni instead ....... so that I can put it towards ....


To my Family and Friends, I'm trying to do my bit for the planet by giving Gifts Of Money instead of a present ...... so please register at and send me your GYFTmoni Pot number so that i can send you Gifts Of Money